Clenz Journey

The Recommended Clenz Path

Everyone's journey is unique, but we have formulated the Body Gold Clenz
Crew to support you as you treasure your body to live life feeling great!

Colon Clenz

Take daily for the first 8 days of the month, and then every other day or as needed.

Backups are bad. The specialized blend of natural herbs in Colon Clenz helps stimulate peristalsis and promote effective elimination, supporting a healthy colon.

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Liver Clenz

Can be taken daily for healthy liver support

The liver is the largest filter in the body, and it works 24/7 to keep your systems clean. Liver Clenz can provide nutritive support for normal liver function.

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Digetive Clenz

2X's daily for the fist week of each month

Supports the entire digestive system as it performs essential functions to keep us running. Digestive Clenz provides nutrient support & cleansing for the complete system.

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Heavy Metal Clenz

2X's daily for 7 days every other month

Environmental toxins are found in our air, water, and food we eat. Heavy Metal Clenz is designed to work throughout your body to help keep systems clean. It has been formulated to address environmental toxins in your body systems monthly.

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Parazide Clenz

2X's daily for 7 days every month

Have you been around pets, traveled, camped or eaten exotic foods? Parazide Clenz could provide the support you may need to rid unfamiliar bacteria from your system.

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